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Hello, and welcome. I treat successful, motivated adults primarily with psychotherapy, and sometimes also with medication. We will work together well if you would like to

  • understand yourself better
  • break cycles of self-defeating or self-sabotaging behavior
  • deal with conflicts over competition, success, or power
  • overcome past trauma/abuse
  • relieve self-blame or guilt
  • live up to your potential
  • discover more serenity, meaning, creativity, and joy in life

Symptoms such as depressed mood and anxiety often accompany these concerns, and improve as the underlying problem is addressed.

As a board-certified psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience, my treatment approach includes

  • traditional dynamic psychotherapy conducted in a flexible, non-stuffy, straightforward way
  • recognition of mind-body interactions, and how real healing is a creative process that comes from within
  • prescription writing (when needed) with a light touch and full attention to pros and cons

Years of teaching mental health trainees and writing about psychiatry for the public have made it natural for me to demystify this field and translate abstract concepts into easy-to-understand language. Read on for more information about my practice, then call my direct office line and leave a confidential message.

Thank you for visiting.


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