In addition to office psychiatry since 1995, other professional interests include:


Hospital Committees

I am a member of two standing committees at CPMC. As a member of the Ethics Committee, I attend a monthly meeting to discuss patient-care ethics at the hospital, and occasionally participate in ethics consultations on inpatients when there are psychiatric issues to consider.

As chair of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee at CPMC, I oversee all continuing education for physicians at the medical center. The Committee reviews educational programs to maintain compliance with state and national standards of quality, and assures freedom from commercial and other sources of bias. To maintain licensure, all physicians in California must complete 25 hours of approved CME each year.



I've taught psychiatry ever since I was a resident myself. From 1996 to 2007 in addition to seeing private patients I served as Medical Director of the CPMC Mental Health Clinic, a sliding-scale clinic where psychiatrists and clinical psychologists are trained. I taught outpatient evaluation, and helped in many crisis situations. I favored teaching psychology and psychiatry trainees together, so each discipline could benefit from the other's perspective, and to foster cooperation instead of competition.

For many years I led two formal seminars at CPMC: a half-year weekly course in dynamic psychotherapy every year, and a two-month seminar on psychiatric ethics every other year. This is in flux lately.  Last year I taught a two-month seminar for psychiatry residents called "Psychiatric Controversies" and did a guest lecture for the psychology interns.  This year I led the ethics seminar and am meeting weekly with two psychiatry residents for individual psychotherapy supervision. "Supervision" is traditional one-on-one case based learning, a crucial step toward becoming a competent therapist.  There's nothing like teaching to make you think afresh about your own field.


Blogging and Other Online Activity

Since 2008, I've shared psychiatric concepts and reflections on a blog attached to my website. Reidbord's Reflections contains about 120 short essays on a variety of psychiatric and medical topics. Sacramento Street Psychiatry is a blog on the Psychology Today website where some of my pieces are re-posted to a wider readership. Since spring of 2014 I also began re-posting some pieces on KevinMD.  I'm gratified that my blog posts are read all across the U.S. and overseas.

I was also active on HealthTap, a website and mobile app where users ask brief health questions, and doctors answer them for free. In its early years I answered hundreds of such questions, and enjoyed a high ranking and awards in various mental health categories.  HealthTap now emphasizes paid services, such as online medical evaluations. I have some concerns about this model, and as a result haven't participated lately.

I have a page on Psychology Today's therapist directory as well.